RCPL is the largest training company in India with over 27 years of experience in the field of education. RCPL has a dedicated team of 80 team members which provide the quality trainings across the country. RCPL conducts trainings for students from best of the Institutions of the country . Over 30,000 students get trained by us every year & till date we have trained over 4.5 Lac students. We provide Courses for Engineering and Non Engineering Stream like Computer Science, Information Technology, Mechanical, Civil, M.Sc. I.T , B.Sc.IT etc. and Programs like Summer Training , Winter Training, Project Training, College Training to Suit students round the year requirements. Android, AutoCAD 2D and 3D ,Embedded and Robotics, Java, .NET Framework are few the Courses available with us.


Like other educational and training industries, at RCPL you will be offered a variety of programs but it is the instructor that makes the difference and our instructor make RCPL stand out from others. We have a variety of skilled and trained trainers whose approach is different which you can see anywhere. RCPL contributes a lot to the knowledge of its trainees and we try our level hard to contribute the best to increase our trainee’s ability so that they stand out from others and whatever they contribute to the corporate world automatically becomes productive. Not only the fresher but also the corporates who are not able to deal with the rising technology and software are helped here. We try our level best to deliver our services to every corner of the world by the help of customized education. Our motto is to deliver the best services to you and that is why we have taken the customized approach because we do not want you to compromise with your education.

It is not necessary that you have to leave your job in order to make-up with us. You can contact our experts and can get the best result. To serve you we are always at your service, you can contact us as and when you get time and clear your queries.


RCPL provides the best available programs which helps in enhancing the technical skills which seems to be beneficial for all the applicants.

  • Software Development : We provide the best and latest IT software training which helps all the fresher and the corporates to understand well and give them the knowledge to go hand in hand with the latest technologies. This does not only helps the companies but also increases the self-level to deal with all the necessary software.
  • Instructor led campus : RCPL helps all the new instructors to get the best exposure to show their talent in right way.
  • Online Live Training : We provide the high quality Online Live training offering in the industry. With our Online Live training courses, we try to provide the exact same learning experience as our traditional classroom based courses.In our Online Live courses, you directly learn from and interact with a live expert instructor, the same as you would if you attended the physical classroom course. Instructor is there to explain topics in greater detail, answer your questions, and provide personalized study and training plans for you as you progress through the course.
  • Workshops and Placement Service : At RCPL, workshops are held to increase the understanding level because theoretical values are always not enough and workshops helps in getting the practical knowledge which results in better understanding. As everything leads to the placement, if the institute does not provide placement services then it is ultimately bad for the applicants but we provide the best placement services and for that we give our best to give you the best.