The role of a campus ambassador …

  • To spread awareness about our products or services among students
  • Educate a student community about the technology or services of our company
  • To be the face and voice of the company on his/her campus representing the company’s mission
  • Organise seminars/webinars, workshops, hack-a-thons, and how-to sessions
  • To initiate marketing and promotional activities, including social media promotions.

social media presence

  1. You’re great at using social media, simply enjoy creating and sharing fun and interesting posts, photos or videos.
  2. You’ve been able to build an engaged audience on social media, friends and peers who trust you and appreciate your opinions.
  3. You’re passionate about things, and things brands you like stand for.
  4. You’re reliable and trustworthy, and see-through commitments that you’ve taken up.

Perks of being a campus ambassador/ partner

  • Campus ambassador programs that are well-managed provide students with many opportunities to learn. They will be the first on their campus to learn about the company’s latest product releases and features.
  • Among the skills, students will learn are team management, organizing events, public speaking, social media, content, and technical skills.
  • Among the most valuable benefits of these programs is the opportunity to connect with other like-minded students across a variety of campuses.
  • Student ambassador programs offer rewards such as gift vouchers, goodies, access to software/tools, as well as cash.
  • An invitation to a special event, conference, or training.
  • Your Campus Ambassador Program experience will be a significant asset to your resume.
  • The Certificate of Program Completion
  • Well-networked, outgoing member of the campus community – a goal-oriented individual with excellent interpersonal skills.
  • These programs will help you to develop your skills in time management, team management, people management, organizing, and connections with the official teams there at those particular organizations.