Introduction of Ansys

  • Introduction of Ansys
  • Ansys Environment
  • Ansys Interface
  • Ansys Files
  • Saving/Restoring Jobs
  • Printing Results
  • Working with other Software’s


  • Cantilever beam
  • Review of the solutions obtained by the elementary beam theory
  • Analytical procedures
  • Creation of an analytical model
  • The input of the elastic properties of the beam material
  • Finite-element discretization of the beam area
  • The input of boundary conditions
  • Solution procedures
  • Graphical representation of the results
  • Comparison of FEM results with experimental ones


  • Analysis of One-Dimensional Problems
  • Heat Transfer Problems
  • Solid Mechanics Problems
  • Verification of Result

Two Dimensional 1

  • Two-Dimensional Elements
  • Rectangular Elements
  • Quadratic Quadrilateral Elements
  • Linear Triangular Elements
  • Quadratic Triangular Elements
  • Isoperimetric Elements
  • Two-Dimensional Integrals: Gauss-Legendre Quadrature

Two Dimensional-2

  • Analysis of Two-Dimensional Solid Mechanics Problems,
  • Torsion of Members With Arbitrary Cross-Section Shape
  • Beams and Frames
  • Plane Stress Formulation
  • Basic Failure Theory
  • Examples Using ANSYS
  • Verification of Results

Analysis Fluid-1

  • Analysis of Fluid Mechanics Problems
  • Direct Formulation of Flow-Through Pipes
  • Ideal Fluid Flow
  • Groundwater Flow
  • Examples Using ANSYS
  • Verification of Results

Three-Dimensional Elements

  • Three-Dimensional Elements
  • The Four-Node Tetrahedral Element
  • Analysis of Three-Dimensional Solid Problems Using
  • Four-Node Tetrahedral Elements
  • The Eight-Node Brick Element
  • The Ten-Node Tetrahedral Element
  • The Twenty-Node Brick Element
  • Basic Solid Modeling Ideas
  • A Thermal Example Using ANSYS
  • A Structural Example Using ANSYS

Analysis of flow structure(Internal, External)

  • Problem description
  • Create a model for analysis
  • Select kind of analysis
  • Create areas for flow channel
  • Subtract the valve area from the channel area
  • FLOTRAN set up
  • Execute calculation
  • Postprocessing
  • Read the calculated results
  • Plot the calculated results
  • Boundary conditions
  • Detailed view of the calculated flow velocity
  • Plot the calculated results by path operation

Workbench -1

  • Intro Workbench
  • a) Butterfly Valve Arm Stress Analysis
  • b) Knuckle Joint Assembly Stress Distribution
  • Static Structural

Workbench -2

  • Steady-state thermal Analysis
  • a) Radial Engine Piston Temp. Distribution
  • Final Analysis Report Generate


No experience is required, But fundamental knowledge of Engg. Drawing, AutoCAD & 3D Software is necessary.

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