ASP.NET Programming


Course Overview


100 Hours (50 Hours LIVE Teaching +50 Hours of assignment and project work)


1. All successful participants will be provided with a Certificate of Merit / Achievement from RCPL INDIA
2. Students who complete the course BUT do not take the final test will be provided with a certificate of participation from RCPL INDIA
3. Students who do not complete the course / leave it midway will NOT be awarded any certificate.


Online Live


1st and 15th of every month


Introduction of .Net Framework

    • What is .Net?
    • Why use .Net?
    • Advantage of .Net
    • .NET Framework, Languages, and Tools

Main component in .Net

  • CLR
  • .Net Base Class Library
  • What is Jit Compiler
  • Type of Jit Compiler


C# Fundamentals

    • Features of C#
    • C# Compilation and Execution
    • General Structure of a C# Program
    • Creating and running Simple Program
    • Data Types in C#
    • Value Types and Reference Types
    • Boxing and UnBoxing
    • Implicitly Typed Local variables
    • Nullable Types
    • Single Dimensional, Multi-Dimensional & Jagged arrays


Object Oriented Programming System(OOPS)

    • What is OOPs?
    • Feature of oops
    • Class & Object
    • Inheritance & type of Inheritance
    • Polymorphism
    • Type of Polymorphism
    • Constructor and its types
    • Static Constructor
    • Private Constructor
    • Copy Constructor
    • Type of Class & Method
    • Abstract Class, Virtual and Abstract Methods Sealed Class
    • Abstract Class & Abstract Method
    • Static Class & Static Method
    • Properties in C#
    • Method Parameters (out, ref and params)
    • Object Initializers
    • What is Interface
    • Exposing of Interface


Exception Handling in C#

    • Exception Handling in C#
    • The System.Exception class
    • Multiple Catch statements
    • User Defined Exception



    • Collections Namespace
    • Collection Interfaces
    • Collection Classes


Introduction to ASP.NET

    • Basic ASP.NET concepts, ASP.NET Framework
    • Web Forms and their features
    • Life Cycle of a Web Form
    • Advantages of ASP.NET over ASP
    • Concept of CodeBehind, Web Configuration File
    • Page Life Cycle
    • NET 4.5 features
    • Server Controls in ASP.NET (Standard Toolbox)
    • Server Pages Using Asp.Net
    • Creating Server Page
    • Event Handling in



    • Validation Controls
    • CustomValidator
    • Validation Summary
    • Validation Group

Master Pages

    • Why Master Pages
    • Working with Master Pages
    • Coding a Master Page and Content Page
    • Nesting of Master Pages

Site Navigation

    • Why Site Navigation
    • NET Navigation Support
    • Site Maps
    • Navigation Controls


Debugging and Tracing

    • Debugging Tools in Visual Studio
    • What does debugging offer
    • Breakpoints
    • Stepping
    • Data Viewing
    • Variables Window
    • Tracing


Introduction to RDBMS

    • Introduction to databases
    • Data Models in Database
    • Database design and database table structure
    • Insert, select, delete, update, alter, drop commands
    • Database Object, views


Introduction to SQL Server 2012

    • Introduction to SQL
    • DDL, DML,DCL



    • Getting Started with ADO.NET
    • Difference between Ado & Ado .Net
    • Architecture of Ado.Net
    • Connected Architecture
    • DisConnected Architecture
    • NET 4.5 Namespace Collection


Main component of Ado .Net

    • Data Provider
    • Data Set
    • Clases of data Provider
    • Connection, command
    • Data Reader, Data Adapter
    • Working with Command Builder


Working with Connected Architecture

    • Use of Command object in Connected Environment
    • Commands to Manipulate Data


Working with disconnected Architecture

    • Creating and Using DataSet to retrieve Data
    • Manipulating Database using DataSet


Data Controls

    • Using DataSource controls provided in ASP.NET
    • Using GridView, FormView, Repeater and DetailsView Controls
    • Using Data Bound Controls such as RadioButtonList, DropDownList, CheckBoxList and ListBox


State Management

    • HTTP Basics
    • Need of state Management
    • Types of state management
    • Client-side State Management – ViewState, Hidden Fields, QueryString, Cookies
    • Server-side State Management – Session Object, Application Object
    • asax


Deploying ASP.NET Applications

    • What to Deploy?
    • Steps to take before Deploying
    • Methods to Deploy
    • Copy Web Site Dialog
    • Deploying a Pre-Compiled Application


Introduction to ASP.NET AJAX

    • What is AJAX?
    • Advantages of AJAX
    • Disadvantages of AJAX
    • Technologies that makeup AJAX
    • How does AJAX Work?
    • ScriptManager Control
    • Integrating Client Script into ASP.NET Web Applications
    • ScriptManager Control
    • UpdatePanel Control, Using Nested UpdatePanel Controls
    • Managing the Asynchronous Requests
    • UpdateProgress Control, Timer Control
    • Ajax Toolkit
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