Auto Cad 2D &3D- For Mechanical & Civil

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Drafters, architects and interior designers are three professions that use AutoCAD software in their work. Certificate and degree programs are available in AutoCAD that give students an understanding of the technology and its application possibilities.


This is an AutoCAD Training Program which is best suited to beginners who are taking their first step towards 2D drawing, Drafting Fundamental of 3D. In AutoCAD we can Plans in 2D with angle projections, elevations, for the convenience of modelling and defining the Blue Print of objects, AutoCAD uses different templates for 2D and 3D Drawing.

Course Objective 

The duration of this Training 60 hour properly divided into theory and Lab sessions, teach AutoCAD Software to create 2D & 3D drawing.


Passion to learn new creative things and basic Knowledge of Drawing, Computer. 

WIIFM (What’s in it for me) 

After successful completion of this Training, the audience will be able to understand 2D & 3D drawing, 2D Drafting & Annotation 

The batch schedule for this course will be announced soon.