Course Overview

This is a Catia Training Program that is best suited to beginners who are taking their first step towards 3D Modeling, Assembly, Surface & 3D rendering drawing. In Catia we can Design in 3D angle projections, for the convenience of modeling and defining the Blue Print of objects. Throughout the course, hands-on exercises (both classroom & Lab Assignment) are designed to teach object-oriented programming using the Java Standard Edition programming language.

Course Objective

The duration of this 60 hour is properly divided into equal theory and Lab sessions. To learn how to create 3D objects & Assembly. Gain confidence in 3D Modeling principles through lots of practical exercises that provide useful exposure to the Students.


60 Hours (30 Hours LIVE ONLINE Instructor-led sessions (no Recordings) + 30 Hours of assignments)


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Test & Evaluation

1. During the program, the participants will have to take all the assignments given to them for better learning.
2. At the end of the program, a final assessment will be conducted.


Introduction to CATIA

  • Introduction to CATIA
  • CATIA Workbenches
  • System Requirements
  • Getting Started with CATIA
  • Important Terms and Definitions
  • Understanding the Functions of the Mouse Buttons
  • Toolbars
  • Hot Keys
  • Color Scheme


  • CATIA Sketcher interface
  • Different sketcher command like line
  • Polyline, Predefined profiles
  • Constraining (Geometric and Dimension) Dimensioning
  • Sketch operation
  • Sketch transformations
  • Sketcher setting etc.

Part modeling (Part design work-bench)

  • Creation of sketch-based features
  • Pad, Multi Pad, Pocket, Multi-Pocket, Draft filleted Pad & Pocket
  • Shaft, Grove, Loft, Rib
  • Stiffener, hole, threads, slot
  • Parent-child relationship
  • Specification (model tree)
  • Dress up features like rounds or fillet & its type etc.
  • Chamfer, draft & its type, shell, Thread, or tap
  • Transformation features like translate, Mirror, Pattern with types, Scaling, Rotation, etc
  • Multi-section solid & cut
  • Datum tool or Reference elements like Creating Plane, Points & Axis
  • Surface-base features, datum features

Wireframe & surfacing Design

  • Generation of wireframe modeling using lines/points/splines etc.
  • Projection curves
  • Combination curves
  • Helix, boundary, etc.
  • Creation of surfaces
  • Surface Features like Extruding surfaces, Revolving surfaces, Multisection surfaces, Sphere, Cylinder, offset, Sweep, Fill, Blend, etc.
  • Lofted surfaces
  • Operation Features like Surface operation, Trim, Splitting, Joining, Scaling the surfaces, etc
  • Wireframe Features like Project, Helix & Intersection, etc.


  • Introduction to CATIA Assembly
  • Introduction to Principal of Top-down assembly
  • Bottom-up assembly
  • Assembly constraints
  • Free Hand manipulation of the component
  • Move, Assembly array
  • Checking the Clearance
  • Creation of BOM


  • Introduction to drafting
  • Working views/background views
  • Placing views like projection views
  • Sectional views
  • Clip views
  • Detailed views
  • Oblique views
  • Dressing up views
  • Dimensioning automatic/ref
  • Annotations
  • Generation of bill of materials
  • Geometry creation
  • Geometry edition

Sheet Metal

  • Creating the Base Wall
  • Creating the Wall on Edge
  • Creating Extrusions
  • Creating Swept Walls
  • Creating Flanges on the Sheet Metal Component
  • Creating Hems on the Sheet Metal Component
  • Creating a Tear Drop on the Sheet Metal Component
  • Creating a User Flange on the Sheet Metal Component
  • Creating a Bend
  • Creating a Conical Bend
  • Bend From Flat
  • Creating Rolled Walls
  • Creating a Hopper Wall
  • Creating a Rolled Wall
  • Folding and Unfolding Sheet Metal Parts
  • Unfolding Sheet Metal Parts
  • Stamping feature
  • Folding Unfolded Parts

Real-time Rendering

  • Appling colors to solids
  • Appling default material
  • Editing the material
  • Transparency
  • Applying stickers


No experience is required, But fundamental knowledge of Engg. Drawing & AutoCAD would be helpful.

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