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Java is everywhere: on all platforms and devices and in all countries around the world. It enables developers to make programs work just about anywhere. And it inspired the evolution of an incredible technology community. The brilliance of Java is the platform independency. Thanks to the internet and the community spirit around it, so many people have been able to make a difference, earn a place in the spotlight with their own framework or tool, be recognized for their contribution, and really influence the Java world.

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Java is a programming language explicitly designed for use in the distributed environment of the Internet. It was designed to have the "look and feel" of the C++ language,  but  it  is  simpler  to  use  than  C++  and  enforces  an  object-oriented programming model. Java can be used to create complete applications and can also be used to build a small application module or applet for use as part of a Web page. Applets make it possible for a Web page user to interact with the page.

Course Objective:

The  50  hours  training  program  will  help  the  learner  developing  Java  based applications.  Due  to  its  versatility  and  portability,  Java  has  become  vital  to developers by enabling them to write software on one platform and run it virtually on any other platform. On completion of the training, learner will have enough knowledge to create programs which can run within a web browser and & services and to develop server-side applications for online forums, stress, polls, HTML forms processing.


No prior knowledge or experience is required.

WIIFM (What’s in it for Me) :

Successful completion of this training provides the participants a sound   theoretical & practical knowledge of Java Standard Edition imparting hands on real word object oriented programming skills so that the Java developer understands and can develop:

 >Java Based Console and Desktop Application.

 > Multi-threaded Java Application

 > Java applications with Collections Framework with Generics and String Formatting with Parsing API

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You can get certifications and Training certificate along with project letter from RCPL on successful completion of the program. 
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