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Embedded systems engineers require significant formal education. Learn about the degree programs, job duties and certification options to see if this is the right career for you.

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Intended Audience:

B.Tech/MCA/BCA/B.Sc IT/M.Tech Students/Working Professionals from Corporate


Throughout the course, hands-on exercises (both classroom & Lab Assignment) are designed to teach object oriented programming using the Embedded C and  Hardware knowledge.

Course Objective:

Learn the Interfacing of Atmega-16 and Atmega-128 with different electronics components such as LED,LCD,MOTOR.Gain confidence to make different projects in Embedded And Robotics


No experience in hardware is required. But fundamental knowledge of C is required.

WIIFM (What’s in it for Me):

After successful completion of this course, the students will be able to designing and implementing embedded systems using different electronics components such as LED, LCD, MOTOR to create different projects in Embedded Systems and Robotics.

Outlines of Courses
  • Introduction of Electronics
  • Embedded Electronics Digital (I/O)
  • Embedded Electronics-II (LCD,  ADC, Timers)
  • Embedded Electronics-III (UART, SPI)
  • Projects in Embedded System
  • Introduction To Robotics (Hardware)
  • Introduction To Motors
  • Introduction TO Sensors
  • Robotics/Automation
  • Projects in Robotics and Automation
  • InterfacingAccelerometer
  • InterfacingPIR Sensor
  • InterfacingLDR
  • InterfacingRF Module
You will also be working for a mini project.
For Example:

  • Computer Controlled Robot
  • Wireless Gesture Controlled Robot
  • Street Light/Darkness Controlled Appliance

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For EMBEDDED & ROBOTICS BASIC AND ADVANCE you can opt for following certification by paying their certification charges

  • HPE Certificate of Competency
You can get certifications on clearing the exam and Training certificate along with project letter from RCPL on successful completion of the training.
Certifications put you on the path to career enhancement and greater success in your chosen profession. Take advantage of a full suite of progressive benefits while increasing your knowledge, effectiveness and marketability.
Training will be held in May / June / July.
Dates will be according to University exam schedule.