J2EE-Struts With Hibernate Framework

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Apache Struts 2 is an open-source web application framework for developing Java EE web applications. It uses and extends the Java Servlet API to encourage developers to adopt a model–view–controller (MVC) architecture. The WebWork framework spun off from Apache Struts aiming to offer enhancements and refinements while retaining the same general architecture of the original Struts framework. In December 2005, it was announced that WebWork 2.2 was adopted as Apache Struts 2, which reached its first full release in February 2007.

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Intended Audience:

B.Tech/MCA/BCA/M.Tech Students/Working Professionals from Corporate 


J2EE is a framework that defines the standard for developing multi-tier enterprise applications. It simplifies enterprise applications by basing them on standardized, modular components, and it provides a complete set of services to those components. Introduction to Object/relational mapping framework for

enabling transparent POJO persistence and build persistent objects using

common OO programing concepts. Allows developers focus on domain object

modelling not the persistence plumbing.Sophisticated query facilities

Course Objective:

Learning how to build enterprise application using state-of-the-art technology of Java EE


Understanding of Java SE, HTML


Netbean IDE 8.0, Dreamweaver 8, MS VISIO

Outlines of Courses
  • Introduction to JAVA Technology
  • Object-Oriented Programming Concepts
  • Introduction to Hibernate
  • Mapping Class
  • Hibernate Query Lanaguage (HQL)
  • Criteria query
  • Persistence Lifecycle
  • Optimistic Locking / Versioning
  • Relationships
  • Inheritance Mapping
  • Introduction to Spring
  • A First Look at Spring
  • Beans and Containers
  • The Application Context
  • Data Validation and Conversion
  • Aspect-Oriented Programming
  • Using JDBC with Spring
  • Using Hibernate with Spring
  • Introduction to Java EE
  • HTML
  • JAVA EE Web Application & its working
  • Java Servlet technology
  • Session Management
  • Servlet Listeners
  • Servlet Filter
  • Getting Started with JSP
  • Using JSTL
  • Spring Web MVC
You will also be working for a mini project.
For Example:

  • Event Management System
  • Online National Polling System(ONPS)
  • Online mobile Recharge

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