Programming in C (WTP)

2,457.62 Taxes as Applicable(GST)

Course Overview

Course Duration: 100 Hrs. (Concepts + Hand on Practices)

  • Willingness to improve and compete with the best.
  • Curiosity to learn more and code.

Target Audience:

  • Students who want to get selected in Top-Tier IT Companies like TCS, Infosys , Microsoft , Samsung , Google , Amazon , Facebook , Wipro and all leading MNC’s of the world .
  • Students who wish to compete, crack and win Coding Competitions and Hackathon by improving their logic and programming skills
  • Students who want to learn different Problem-Solving Approach.
  • Tech/B.Tech/MCA/BCA/Any Graduate or Diploma Holder

Delivery Mode:

  • Online Live Instructor led learning.


Basic Programming Knowledge.


Introduction to Programming language

  • Programming language
  • Types of programming Language
  • Introduction of C
  • Structure of C Program
  • Compilation and Execution of Program

  Data Types and Operators

  • Data Types
  • Storage Class
  • Type Casting

Operators and Types of Operators

3          Control Statements and Looping

if, Switch, goto, break , continue

for, while and do-while loop

Nested loop

4          Array, String

Array, Types of Array

Declaration and Initialization of string

String Handling Function

5          Function

Function and its Components

Types of Function

Types of Calling

6          Pointer and Dynamic Memory Allocation

Declaration and Initialization of Pointer

Pointer Expression, Scale Factor

Malloc, Calloc, free function for dynamic allocation


7          Structure and Union

Structure, Array of Structure

Union and Enum

8          Program Memory Segmentation





9          File Handling

Char data read and write

String data read and write

Mix data read and write

Structure data read and write

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