One of the best ways to boost your IT career is to get a Microsoft Certification. Whether you work (or want to work) as an IT professional, analyst, developer, system, or database administrator, a Microsoft Certification can help you prove your skills and increase your chances of getting hired or promoted. Microsoft offers a number of certifications and despite the recent changes made by the Microsoft Training department to simplify the certification paths and categories, some students still find it difficult to decide which path to follow and which certifications to pursue. We created this guide to help you understand how to get Microsoft certified pursuing the certifications that are best suited for your career and job role.

Getting a Microsoft Certification is also a great way to break into the tech industry. A Microsoft Certification immediately confers a level of authority and expertise, especially helpful for someone new to the industry. Earning a Microsoft Certification is globally recognized and industry-endorsed evidence of mastering real world skills.

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