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  • Promotional Offer Going On! Android App Development

    App Development with Android-WTP-22

    5,699.00 Including GST

    Android offers a unified approach to application development for mobile devices which means developers need only develop for Android, and their applications should be able to run on different devices powered by Android.

  • Promotional Offer Going On! Competitive Coding

    Competitive Coding Methods and Techniques – Level 1-WTP-22

    6,499.00 Including GST

    Competitive programming is a mind sport usually held over the Internet or a local network, involving participants trying to program according to provided specifications. Contestants are referred to as sport programmers. Competitive programming is recognized and supported by several multinational software and Internet companies, such as Google and Facebook.

  • Promotional Offer Going On! Full Stack Developer

    Full Stack Web Developer – PHP with MySQL -WTP-22

    5,699.00 Including GST

    Full stack developers are computer programmers who are proficient in both front and back end coding. Their primary responsibilities include designing user interactions on websites, developing servers, and databases for website functionality, and coding for mobile platforms.

  • Promotional Offer Going On! IOT

    Internet of Things (IoT)

    6,499.00 Including GST

    Overview Throughout the course, hands-on exercises(both classroom & Lab Assignment) are designed to teach the use of IoT with the help of NodeMCU and Raspberry Pi. Prerequisites: No experience is required. But fundamental knowledge of C would be helpful. Key Learning Outcomes: •Learn the syntax and semantics of the Embedded C and Python programming language….

  • Promotional Offer Going On! Java

    JAVA (Basic and Advance)

    3,199.00 Including GST

    Overview Throughout the course, hands-on exercises (both classroom & Lab Assignment) are designed to teach object oriented programming using the Java Standard Edition programming language. Prerequisites: No experience is required, But fundamental knowledge of C/C++ would be helpful. Key Learning Outcomes: •Learn the syntax, semantics and idioms of the Java programming language. •Gain confidence in…

  • Promotional Offer Going On! Python Programming

    Python Basic and Advanced-WTP-22

    3,999.00 Including GST

    Overview: There are many good reasons to choose Python as your primary programming language. First of all Python is an easy to learn, powerful programming language. Furthermore, it has efficient high-level data structures, which allow you to write complex operations in fewer statements than in C, C++ or Java. Object-oriented programming is a lot easier…

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