Python Basic and Advanced

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There are many good reasons to choose Python as your primary programming language. First of all Python is an easy to learn, powerful programming language. Furthermore, it has efficient high-level data structures, which allow you to write complex operations in fewer statements than in C, C++ or Java. Object-oriented programming is a lot easier than in languages like Java.


Basic Programming Knowledge of C/C++ will be beneficial.

Key Learning Outcomes:

When you complete this Machine Learning (Basic) course, you will be able to accomplish the following:

  • Learn the syntax, semantics and idioms of the Python programming language.
  • Gain confidence in object-oriented programming principles of Python through lots of practical exercises.
  • This Python course provide useful exposure to the different Python libraries & packages
  • New ways of solving problems, and the ability to solve more complex problems.
  • Ready to Use Python Language for solving the problems
  • Writing bug-free code.

Target Audience

This course is ideal for anyone who wishes to learn the details of Python programming and its best practices.

Test & Evaluation

  • During the program, the participants will have to take all assignments given to them for better learning.
  • At the end of the program, a final assessment will be conducted.


  • All successful participants will be provided with a certificate of completion.
  • Students who do not complete the course / leave it midway will not be awarded any certificate.


100 hours (40 hours ONLINE LIVE sessions + 60 Hours of assignment)

Delivery Mode:

Online Live Instructor led learning

Additional information

Winter Training Program

Dec, Jan, Nov

  • Introductory Remark about Python
  • A Brief History of Python
  • How Python is differing from other languages
  • Python Version
  • Installing Python
  • IDLE
  • Getting Help
  • How to execute Python program?
  • Writing your first program
  • Introduction
  • Python keywords and Identifiers
  • Python statements
  • Comments in python
  • Basic Syntax
  • Printing on screen
  • Getting user input -Reading data from keyboard
  • Exercise
  • Key Takeaways
  • Introduction
  • Variables
  • Data types
  • Numbers
  • Strings
  • Lists
  • Tuples
  • Dictionary
  • Exercise
  • Introduction
  • Control flow and syntax
  • The if statement
  • Python operators
  • The while Loop
  • Break and continue
  • The for Loop
  • Pass statement
  • Exercise
  • Introduction of Function
  • Calling a function
  • Function arguments
  • Built in function
  • Scope of variables
  • Decorators
  • Passing function to a function
  • Introduction of Modules and Packages
  • Importing Modules
  • Standard Modules- sys
  • Standard Modules- OS
  • The dir Function
  • Packages
  • Introduction of Exception Handling
  • Errors
  • Run Time Errors
  • Handling IO Exception
  • Try‚Ķ. except statement
  • Raise
  • Assert
  • Introduction of Exception Handling
  • Introduction to File Handling in Python
  • Files and Directories
  • Writing Data to a file
  • Reading data from a file
  • Additional file methods
  • Working with files
  • Working with Directories
  • The pickle Module
  • Introduction of OOP
  • Classes & Objects
  • Introduction of classes and objects
  • Creating classes
  • Instance methods
  • Special class method
  • Inheritance
  • Method overriding
  • Data hiding

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